Müvie Schedule

July 2017, Müvie Theatre Showings

July 1st                              The Mummy

July 2nd                       Harry Potter

July 3rd                       Transformers

July 4th                       Longest Yard

July 5th                       Judge Dredd

July 6th                       Mr. & Mrs. Smith

July 7th                       Over the Top

July 8th                      Commando

July 9th                      Bourne Identity

July 10th                     Electra

July 11th                     Red

July 12th                     Transformers 2

July 13th                     Predator

July 14th                     Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

July 15th                     Billy Madison

July 16th                     Bourne Supremacy

July 17th                     Angels & Demons

July 18th                     Transformers 3

July 19th                     Dracula Untold

July 20th                     X-Men

July 21st                     Total Recall

July 22nd                    A-Team

July 23rd                     Big Daddy

July 24th                     Dare Devil

July 25th                     Gone in 60 Seconds

July 26th                     Oceans 12

July 27th                     Wolverine

July 28th                     Bourne Ultimatum

July 29th                     Tommy Boy

July 30th                     Happy Gillmore

July 31st                     Hansel & Gretel

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