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MÜV BARRE classes are aimed to be technically accurate, safe, fast paced & constantly changing while maintaining a consistently challenging workout

The moves may seem familiar, however it isn’t just what we do, it’s how we do it.

muv barre

The isometric movement is simple,

and by focusing on isolating specific muscle groups to the point of fatigue will cause the muscle to shake which will help to increase your strength and endurance. To hold these postures while incorporating micro-movements, or pulses, will continuously engage the muscle while allowing for a mini-recovery with each pulse, thus allowing you to hold the posture for a longer period of time. With each class you will feel your strength and endurance grow.

The isometric contractions,

that make up the bulk of MÜV BARRE classes, is when the muscle tenses without changing length.  These movements are the opposite of typical strength training moves, concentric & eccentric contractions, which occur when a muscle lengthens then shortens, as in a curl. Isometric exercise is a great way to maintain muscle strength and also helps to increase bone density.strength and endurance grow.

MÜV BARRE classes are mentally engaging as well,

as there are many points to focus on, and can be challenging for beginning students and instructors. During a MÜV BARRE class focus is drawn to the body to maintain proper posture & breath, to ensure for an efficient, effective and safe workout.

MÜV BARRE is a low-impact,

high-energy group class that combines the principles of yoga, Pilates and strength training with some dance aspects. MÜV BARRE integrates full range movements combined with isometric contractions, that make up the bulk of our classes. Using slow, focused movements coupled with high-rep isolated contractions, we are able to continually engage the muscle to exhaustion, which creates the changes we are aiming for. The idea behind MÜV BARRE is to establish postural alignment, functional movement and to concentrate on engaging every muscle in the body through each pose and exercise.


One of the greatest attributes of MÜV BARRE is that it’s perfect for all age groups and can be modified to fit any body type or fitness level. With MÜV BARRE’s low-impact exercises, it’s easier to modify the movements for any injury. Whether it’s your first group fitness class or you have been training for years, MÜV BARRE will challenge and engage your entire body for the full hour.



The small isometric contractions will challenge your muscles in a new and invigorating way. These isometric contractions, or pulses, are combined with full range movement. You will be pushed to hold postures, engage muscles you didn’t know you had & work the muscles you are aware of in a different way. Isometric contractions also give the muscles a tiny break in-between pulses; which helps speed up recovery. Your first class may not feel this way, but once you begin regular MÜV BARRE practice you will see your strength improve immensely. It never gets easier, you just get stronger.


One of the main things people say that hinders them from trying a barre class is “I’m not flexible enough!” Your success in MÜV BARRE is not based on how flexible you are to start, but how flexible you will become. Immediately following each of our five blocks, we stretch the parts of the body we have just worked. By stretching the muscles while they are warm, we are able to dramatically increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. We avoid stretching as a warm-up, as stretching cold muscles will make you more prone to injury. By increasing your flexibility you may also relieve stress, improve posture & circulation, relieve or prevent back pain and, of course, increase your range of motion.


The foundation of the original Barre teachings were developed by a German ballerina, Lotte Burke, while living in London in 1959. So there is a large amount of focus on balance and coordination – mainly body awareness. Don’t have it? Don’t worry! We can teach it! Over the years barre has been slowly morphing, combining Pilates and yoga variations, and taken on many different meanings to many different people. While balance is developed in class, you always have the barre for support. When coordination becomes an issue, you always have your barre instructor guiding you through each pose and helping you find your perfect posture to create results.
MÜV BARRE is not a dance class through some of our movements come from the classic ballet positions, we do not use dance terminology as our classes are designed for people of all levels and not only advanced dancers. With each class your balance and coordination will improve; better balance benefits not only helping to build your smaller stabilizer muscles, but also helps to increase your calorie burn.


MÜV BARRE is a great addition to any fitness plan to help increase muscle tone and endurance. We are here to constantly challenge you to get outside of your box, which is necessary if you are looking to change your body. The benefits of MÜV Barre will be more recognized when you combine it with Pulse & XTR1000, and balance with Strong & Yoga, you will create the ultimate results. Our bodies are always changing and looking to be challenged. With MÜV BARRE, you have the power to create the results you want.


One of MÜV BARRE’s main goals is to improve every aspect of your life with each class. These improvements are not limited physical aspects, as we aim to improve your mind-body connection as well. Our MÜV coaches will work hard to empower you, giving you the confidence to overcome any obstacle and achieve your goals. MÜV BARRE is an intense method that will inspire you to safely push your muscles to their edge while creating body awareness and proper alignment.


While MÜV BARRE is a fantastic tool for toning & strengthening, it is not the workout that will add muscle to your body. If you think of your body as a mold of clay, traditional strength workouts like squats and deadlifts, which are integrated in our Strong Classes, will add clay to your structure, where as barre will shape the clay. MÜV BARRE will strengthen, tone, lift and re-shape, however it will not give you bigger muscles. Speak with each instructor to let them know the type of results you are looking for, and they will be able to give you a better idea of which classes you should be taking.



As with any of our modalities, consistency of movement and proper nutrition will greatly increase your chances of success for your overall fitness and health goals. You will see a difference in your strength, flexibility and endurance when making MÜV BARRE a part of your regular fitness schedule. You will feel your body tighten and begin to defy gravity as you complete class after class. Starting with 2-3 classes per week, you will feel a difference and moving up to 3-4 times a week you will see the difference.


It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you never give up, and you will see incredible improvements when you begin and as you continue your health & fitness journey. Energy improves, sleep improves, strength, mobility, health – and that is only the beginning!


Step up to the barre and try a MÜV BARRE class today and feel the difference!

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