InBody Analysis

InBody Composition Analysis


Did you know that identifying the percentage of fat vs. muscle in your body is a far better way to assess your overall fitness than simply weighing yourself? That’s why MUV Fitness offers InBody Composition Analysis. This method assesses the body in segments, using an eight-point system to precisely measure your body composition. This method is the gold standard for body composition assessment and holds an accuracy rating of 98 percent!

Not only is the InBody Analysis more accurate than other methods, but it’s also fast and easy. You simply stand on the platform and grip the handles for one full minute. The equipment can tell you where your body stores fat and where you store water, which could indicate injury or inflammation.

With this information MUV Fitness can create a customized exercise and diet plan based on your individual body makeup, offering you personalized goals and quickly helping you visualize your success.

Here are some of the benefits of an InBody Composition Analysis:

  • Accurately determine what percentage of your body is fat vs. muscle.
  • Receive an in-depth report showing your results.
  • Create a personalized diet and exercise plan to help you achieve real results.
  • Schedule regular consultations to track and monitor your progress.
  • Identify changes in your overall body composition regarding fat lost and muscle gained.

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