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MÜV Fitness Franchise Opportunities
Bring MÜV Fitness to your area through franchising.

The MÜV Fitness brand is recognizable, and a testament to a healthier lifestyle. There are two franchise modules: MÜV Fitness and MÜV Training. The former is about the traditional gym experience. The latter is a boutique-style establishment that offers individualized attention.

Open a MÜV Fitness club franchise and take advantage of the growing fitness industry.

With the MÜV Fitness concept, you’ll need more space, which means you’ll be able to offer more classes, more equipment, and more training zones. With our franchise, you’ll be able to bring the MÜV It & Lose It Challenge. It’s an effective motivator for members to lose weight and get a chance to win rewards.

The MÜV Training concept, meanwhile, requires less space and less equipment. This franchise module focuses on small classes.

Seize the opportunity of growing demand for a fitter, healthier lifestyle with MÜV Fitness franchising opportunities!

MÜV Fitness
The total wellness club that strives to provide the best for our members. From a wide variety of group exercise classes to high quality amenities, this creates a high-volume opportunity for franchisees. More space and equipment is required than our other concept option.
MÜV Training
A more boutique experience for members and a smaller footprint. Functional training is the core of programming and small class sizes create individualized attention.

Much less square footage and equipment are required.

Benefits of a MÜV Brands Franchise

Competitive Initial Investment

MÜV Brand’s initial franchise fee is extremely competitive. When compared to others in the industry, the low initial investment becomes an incentive to transition into a MÜV franchise. From the beginning, our team is focused on the financial success of MÜVowners.

Growth is Rewarded

Unique benefits of owning a MÜV franchise are an adjustable royalty fee rate that decreases as your revenue increases and dramatically decreased franchise fees for additional locations. We are committed to fostering growth of those within the MÜV tribe.

Unparalleled Training

MÜV Brands takes training seriously. As part of the onboarding process, on-site trainers are provided to ensure the transition into a MÜV location is the best experience for owners and gym members. Because we understand that success is ultimately a result of member satisfaction and retention, 3 certifications are also included with the franchise fee.

Marketing and Advertising

In today’s marketplace, a solid marketing strategy can make all the difference. MÜV provides franchise owners with materials designed by specialists and a website built to generate leads. Social media, online reputation, and other strategies have been developed by industry experts exclusively for MÜV franchise owners.

No Experience Required

Although we eat, sleep, and breathe fitness at MÜV Brands, experience in the industry is not a requirement. We provide the expertise, training, and materials to foster a successful location. Our team looks forward to work with both previous and current gym owners AND those who have not owned a gym facility.

Joel Tallman

Joel Tallman, CEO/President of MÜV Brands

“MÜV brands were created to be fun, distinctive & different. MÜV was built on the foundation of getting results. Results for all our stakeholders. From our members to our employees, from our associates to our franchisees we want them all to boast of their relationship with MÜV as one they highly value.

MÜV is designed to push the envelope. To be a little disruptive. To change the lives of the members we service & give back to the communities where we do business. We strive to create unrivaled franchise operating partners – one at a time, recognizing each as a unique opportunity.

We apply a mixture of proven protocols that are time tested to help you achieve success along with constantly developing new proprietary approaches to stay on the leading edge.

Most of all we are looking for good people that are looking to be part of a family. Not all alike, but unified together with the common cause of great results through MÜV Brands.”

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