MÜV Fitness Loveland has a childcare for the littlest members of our wellness family.   MÜV Kids is a safe, fun environment where your children can play and have fun while their parents workout in the fitness center.  All of our MÜV Kids workers are CPR certified and love taking care of children.

MÜV Kids Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday + Sunday: 8:00am-1:00pm

Our childcare professionals will keep your kiddos active & busy while giving you the opportunity to get some time to yourself! MÜV Kids accepts children from 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. Children 12 and older are able to utilize the gym facilities while accompanied by a parent.

Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-7:00pm – the basketball court is reserved for open Family Time*

*Family time is for members and their children under 12 years – Parents cannot leave children unattended and children must stay in Basketball Court*


MÜV Fitness Loveland offers the best and most convenient tanning services to our members.  With multiple levels of tanning beds, discounts for our members, and easy access to get it all done in one stop – you can keep your summer glow all year round!  Tanning beds can be accessed during all gym hours.  MÜV Fitness Loveland offers both stand up and lay down tanning beds.  Lotions and accessories are also available at our Front Desk at a very reasonable price.

Group Exercise Classes

MÜV Fitness Loveland offers a variety of Group Exercise (MÜVX group exercise) classes to fit each individuals needs and goals. From Yoga and Pilates, to Cycling and Strength Training classes, you will find your fitness here! View our full class schedule.

All of our MÜVX classes are included in a basic MÜV Fitness Loveland membership – with no need to register ahead of time, you can show up to your favorite class when it fits your schedule!


Smoothie Bar

We provide our members with the highest quality pre- and post- workout nutrition. Our Front Desk staff will have your favorite protein shake ready for you and provide you with anything else you need along the way. Hang out and enjoy our free Wi-Fi and drip coffee all day long!

Basketball Court

The Basketball Court is open for you to shoot hoops or use as you please. Open Basketball is hosted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for members and guests. Open Volleyball is hosted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for members and guests. Call the club for court reservations at (970) 593-9111

Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-7:00pm – the basketball court is reserved for open Family Time*

*Family time is for members and their children under 12 years – Parents cannot leave children unattended and children must stay in Basketball Court*


Müvie Center

Stay motivated, get distracted, and relieve your stress while you do your cardio in our MÜVIE Center room. Equipped with surround sound and a theater-size movie screen – you can watch your favorite flicks while you work out! Your time doing cardio will fly by and you workout while watching a movie in our cinema-like environment.  Click here for our schedule of movies!  We keep a schedule of the MÜVIE Center movies at the front desk as well as on the MÜVIE Center door.  The ratings for each movie is listed next to the movie title.


Cardio Equipment

MÜV Fitness Loveland offers state-of-the-art cardio training equipment – located on our Cardio Deck, in the Cardio Cinema and our Lady MÜV Fitness Workout Area!


Ladies’ Gym

MÜV Fitness Loveland offers a Ladies’ Gym!  Our ladies only gym has special equipment that is made for the female body!  Smaller equipment that is specially designed for women, this fully equipped gym has everything that the ladies need.  Besides resistance machines, the ladies’ gym offers cardio machines, free weights, yoga mats, exercise balls, and much, MUCH more.  Whether you are just starting on your wellness and fitness journey or have been working out for years, you will feel comfortable exercising in this special area.

MÜV Fitness Ladies’ Gym is open the same hours as the main MÜV Fitness.


Locker Rooms

MÜV Fitness Loveland offers spacious, clean locker rooms for both women and men.  Our lockers are bigger than most fitness center lockers. We also offer several areas to change in.  Our locker rooms also have sitting areas, showers, changing areas, and mirrored areas.  MÜV Fitness Loveland even has blow dryers available for use by members.  Our sauna/steam rooms are located in the locker rooms for privacy and relaxation.  MÜV Fitness Loveland is a total wellness center cares about their members and offers many amenities that are not available at most other gyms.

Personal Training

Let our certified Personal Trainers help you find the best workout plan for you to reach your goals on time! MÜV Fitness Loveland offers a wide variety of personal (1 on 1) training, couples training, group training and MÜV Fitness Group Training options. With our complimentary Jump Start Training Program (JSTP), we will get you off to the right start and guide you towards the training plan to fit your needs. Call (970) 593-9111 to schedule your complimentary JSTP today!

Pro Shop

MÜV Fitness Loveland offers a wide selection of items in our Pro Shop.  We have clothing for all sizes…children to adults.  We also have everything that you need to make your workouts successful.  Gym bags, gloves, towels, and much, MUCH more.  We are constantly getting in new items so be sure to check out our Pro Shop often!  We even offer tanning products if you want them before you go into our tanning beds.  MÜV Fitness Loveland cares about your entire family and has things for the whole family in our Pro Shop!

Resistance Machines

MÜV Fitness Loveland has a vast number of resistance machines for their members.   We have several different kinds of machines to work out every part of your body.  Whether you are exercising for a wellness or fitness goal, MÜV Fitness Loveland has resistance machines to help you.  Our equipment is well maintained and available during regular gym hours.  MÜV Fitness even has some of the resistance machines specially made for women in the Ladies’ Gym.  Ask one of our personal trainers to help develop a custom fitness program for you using the resistance machines!

Sauna/Steam Room

MÜV Fitness Loveland is one of the only fitness centers in the area that offers a free sauna/steam room to their members.  Each of the locker rooms is equipped with it’s own dry sauna and steam room.  Research has shown that there are many health benefits of using a sauna/steam room!  Some of the benefits of the sauna/steam room are:  helps with acne, detoxes your body, soothes sore muscles, and much, MUCH more!   Enjoy after your workout to remove those excess toxins from your body, or come in just for the relaxation!  MÜV Fitness Loveland cares about your total wellness!

Yoga/Pilates Studio

Relax and unwind in our zen Mind and Body Studio. Enjoy a variety of Yoga + Pilates classes to choose from, or utilize the room for your own use in between classes.

MÜV Rewards

Get fit AND earn perks! We reward our members who complete certain tasks, such as referring a friend, checking into the gym, or having 10+ visits to the gym in a month. Rack up those points and redeem for MÜV merchandise or services/memberships such as:

  • 3 Month Membership for a Friend
  • MÜV Fitness Backpack
  • MÜV Fitness Sweatshirt
  • 30 Minute Meal Plan Program
  • And more!

We recommend using the MÜV Fitness App to track and earn points directly through your phone. Head on over to the app store, search for ‘MÜV Fitness’ and install the app today.

InBody Analysis

Did you know that identifying the percentage of fat vs. muscle in your body is a far better way to assess your overall fitness than simply weighing yourself? That’s why MÜV Fitness offers InBody Composition Analysis. This method assesses the body in segments, using an eight-point system to precisely measure your body composition. This method is the gold standard for body composition assessment and holds an accuracy rating of 98 percent!

Not only is the InBody Analysis more accurate than other methods, but it’s also fast and easy. You simply stand on the platform and grip the handles for one full minute. The equipment can tell you where your body stores fat and where you store water, which could indicate injury or inflammation.

With this information MÜV Fitness can create a customized exercise and diet plan based on your individual body makeup, offering you personalized goals and quickly helping you visualize your success.

Here are some of the benefits of an InBody Composition Analysis:

  • Accurately determine what percentage of your body is fat vs. muscle.
  • Receive an in-depth report showing your results.
  • Create a personalized diet and exercise plan to help you achieve real results.
  • Schedule regular consultations to track and monitor your progress.
  • Identify changes in your overall body composition regarding fat lost and muscle gained.

Schedule your InBody Composition Analysis with MÜV Fitness today!

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